Water Usage Offset - New Development

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How Can I Offset Water Use for New Development?


How is new construction affected by Resolution 2015-288?

New construction in the PRGWB must offset water use at a 1:1 ratio. The County runs a water conservation program to generate credits that applicants can purchase to meet the water offset requirement. This requirement must be met at the time of permit issuance.

Info Sheet on New Construction Requirements

How much will offset credits cost?

New single family dwellings, secondary units, and guest houses have standard amounts for water offset requirements. Other projects are asked to submit information regarding their projected water use.

Offset credits can be purchased at the amount of $16.18 per gallon. This amount reflects the cost to generate one gallon of daily water savings from the County’s water conservation program, which includes plumbing retrofits and turf removal.  

Credits only need to be purchased one time because savings are calculated as a daily rate. 

Click here to see standard amounts for new residential construction.

Well Meters

Well meters must be installed on any new or existing well that serves new construction. The well must be installed according to the standards below and verified via inspection by Public Works.  A fee of $375 will be charged for the well meter inspection.

Well Metering Standards